Lycée français de Johannesburg – South Africa



My journey with the students from the Lycée Jules Verne on the theme of Exiles started with a thematic exploration and reflection on the theme of migration. With the series of workshops presented, I wanted to introduce the students to multiple forms of visual narration. In the first week the students drew storyboards that told journeys of exiles in 8 frames, these stories were then transposed to cutout silhouettes performed on the retro-projector.

We then continued to explore the relationship between puppet and puppeteer using ordinary objects such as sticks to create interesting relationships between the body and the object. In these workshops I required the students to also step outside and to start to 'direct' their own scenes, the importance of the 'regard exterieure'. Thereafter the puppet-construction workshops began, which is the part that I think the students enjoyed the most, tactile explorations of how different materials can be combined in creating unique characters. Scenes were created and written by the students themselves, and the presentation what you will see is entirely their own work based on their interpretation on the theme of Exil(s).